About Us

Our team here at Give A Little have been working in digital fundraising since 2016 when we partnered with BT to develop the first contactless donation solution that incorporated a touch screen - the Digital Tin. And we now manage thousands of charities and churches successfully using our service every day.

Trials of the Digital Tin were very successful, with charities like Comic Relief, Cancer Research and UNICEF loving our solution. With BT’s support smaller charities like First Love Foundation were also able to take part.

As time went on we realised smaller charities needed the support of a sponsor to be able to afford contactless donation solutions. The cost of entry was just far too high, sometimes even for bigger charities.

That’s why we started Give A Little, to make contactless giving accessible to all charities and churches, no matter their size.

Give A Little enables you to accept contactless donations both through the web online and in situ with your own Android device and a SumUp card reader. If you don’t already have an Android device you can get a tablet for as little as £50, while a SumUp card reader is only £19. There’s a transaction fee but SumUp’s is only 1.69% in the UK.

We charge nothing for the basic version of our service.

If you would like a physical enclosure for a device to place on a counter, or stand in a room, or a fully portable battery-powered handheld enclosure with tablet built-in along with our software, these are also available through our partner companies.

So check us out and get in touch if you’d like, we love to chat.

Happy fundraising 🙂