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No, any organisation seeking to carry out charitable fundraising can be verified to use Give A Little. Verification requires proof of your charity status, or charitable purpose or intent, and you are requested to provide this proof on opening an account. We are used by:

  • Community Interest Companies

  • Community Amateur Sports Clubs

  • Companies that are not-for-profit (where articles of association state directors have no recourse to company funds)

  • Local government bodies (councils might be fundraising for community events)

  • Corporates (support of charities with financial controls established for that purpose e.g. separate bank account)

  • Associations (typically with constitution detailing the charitable purpose and use of finances solely for said purpose)

There are three ways you can use Give A Little to take cashless donations:

  • Create and publish online web campaigns in minutes directly from your account, including using QR codes.

  • Purchase a kiosk point of donation device from CollecTin or Payaz. These portable handheld devices and fixed donation kiosks all run on the Give A Little platform. Find out more at

  • Take a DIY approach using an Android tablet or smartphone with the Give A Little App (Play Store download), and a payment card reader (SumUp).

To start web fundraising there are 3 steps:

  1. Get a Give A Little account - go to: + provide proof of your charitable purpose

  2. Link a payment processor - go to: Account > Integrations > click to login or register with Stripe or SumUp

  3. Create and publish a web campaign - go to: Campaigns > ‘Add new’ > ‘Web campaign’.

After Step 1, we will need to verify your account before you can create a web campaign. This will be quick if your evidence is clear, and we will confirm by email when it is done.

Commercial off-the-shelf devices are available from CollecTin or Payaz. They offer portable, handheld devices or secure fixed donation kiosks that all run on the Give A Little platform. 

Devices are ordered and fulfilled directly by our device partners. Each partner manages their hardware inventory and shipping process and returns/refunds on device hardware. 

Find out more at

If you are taking a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to building your point of donation, the SumUp card readers that can be used with the Give A Little App are:

  • SumUp Air 

  • SumUp 3G (this is not optimised for donations so we do not recommend it)

You can signup and purchase a SumUp card reader here

Note the SumUp Solo does not work with SumUp’s own developer SDK, so cannot be used by 3rd party App’s such as Give A Little.

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