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No, if your organisation is a not-for-profit, or if your charitable fundraising is auditable from other financial activities, then you can potentially use Give A Little. Verification requires proof of your charity status, or charitable purpose where monies raised can be shown to be solely used for that purpose. You are required to provide this proof on opening an account. Individuals who wish to fundraise on behalf of charities can do so if invited as volunteers by a Give A Little account owner, but they cannot open an account themselves.

As a guide we are currently used by:

  • Community Interest Companies

  • Community Amateur Sports Clubs

  • Companies that are not-for-profit (where articles of association state directors have no recourse to company funds)

  • Local government bodies (councils might be fundraising for community events)

  • Corporates (support of charities with financial controls established for that purpose e.g. separate bank account)

  • Associations (typically with constitution detailing the charitable purpose and use of finances solely for said purpose)

Sign up for a Give A Little account - go to:

There are three ways you can use Give A Little to take cashless donations:

  • Create and publish online web campaigns in minutes directly from your account, including using QR codes.

  • Purchase a kiosk point of donation device from CollecTin or Payaz. These portable handheld devices and fixed donation kiosks all run on the Give A Little platform. Find out more at

  • Take a DIY approach using an Android tablet or smartphone with the Give A Little App (Play Store download), and a payment card reader (SumUp).

To start web fundraising there are 2 steps:

  1. Sign up for a Give A Little account - go to:

  2. Following your account being verified, create and publish a web campaign - go to: Campaigns > 'Add new' > 'Web campaign'.

Commercial off-the-shelf devices are available from CollecTin or Payaz. They offer portable, handheld devices or secure fixed donation kiosks that all run on the Give A Little platform. 

Devices are ordered and fulfilled directly by our device partners. Each partner manages their hardware inventory and shipping process and returns/refunds on device hardware. 

Find out more at

If you are taking a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to building your point of donation, the SumUp card readers that can be used with the Give A Little App are:

  • SumUp Air 

  • SumUp 3G (this is not optimised for donations so we do not recommend it)

You can signup and purchase a SumUp card reader

Note the SumUp Solo does not work with SumUp’s own developer SDK, so cannot be used by 3rd party App’s such as Give A Little.

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