Frequently Asked Questions

New to Give A Little and have questions? Hopefully we can answer them below!

Before you start

What do I need to run Give A Little and accept donations?

Give A Little runs on most Android devices, but some are better than others. We recommend recent phones or tablets as they will have better battery life and connect with your SumUp terminal better.

What is the smallest donation amount I can accept?

The smallest donation amount you can accept is £1 (or $1, 1€, etc.).

I'm going to take a lot of large donations, is this OK?

Absolutely! The only thing to be aware of is that SumUp have an anti-fraud system that may not like this if it's the first time you're collecting. To avoid transactions being declined by this system you can get in touch with SumUp ([email protected]).


I can't connect Give A Little with my SumUp card reader

If Give A Little can't find your card reader when you tap "Connect terminal" it could mean your reader is paired with another app. To resolve this

  1. Turn off your SumUp reader (hold down the power button on the side for a few seconds).
  2. Hold down the power button to turn the reader back on and continue holding down the button until you see the message "Release for BT…" displayed on the screen (if your reader doesn't have a screen count to 5 then release).
  3. Tap "Connect terminal" in the menu in Give A Little and follow the instructions.
I can't find the Give A Little menu

Give A Little operates in fullscreen mode to make sure as much of your brand is seen as possible by your donors. This means we also hide the menu button. To reveal the menu either

  1. swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the menu button in the top left; or
  2. swipe in from the left of the screen.