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Give A Little is available as an Android App that works on most Android devices (v6.0 and above), and connects via bluetooth to a SumUp payment card reader. Your Android device will need to have internet connectivity. We note that recent phones or tablets have better battery life and also connect with your SumUp terminal more reliably.

Give A Little must verify that you are fundraising for a charitable purpose before you can publish online donation campaigns. To this end, after first registering with SumUp, please send the following information to [email protected]:

  1. your Charity Commission registration number OR a copy of your HMRC Charities tax exemption letter
  2. SumUp merchant account
  3. SumUp merchant owner email address

We will confirm by email when you have been verified.

The smallest donation amount you can accept is £1 (or $1, 1€, etc.).

Absolutely! The only thing to be aware of is that SumUp have an anti-fraud system that may not like this if it's the first time you're collecting. To avoid transactions being declined by this system you can get in touch with SumUp ([email protected]).

Yes it is possible to update the Give A Little app from your web based administration account. You can for example, change your fundraising campaign on a specific device, and update your app version on all devices. To update a campaign with for example a new image or text you currently need to change the campaign to another and back again (or deselect/reselect the app on the device). We will get around to activating a push mechanism for this too soon.

Yes, Give A Little is available in the following languages for the donor-facing experience: English; French; Spanish; Portuguese; German; Dutch; Hungarian; Italian. The administration portal is available in English only. If you wish to add a language please email us at: [email protected]

You should select the language via your Android device, typically: Menu > Settings > Language & Keyboard > Select locale > languages

When a donor enters their Gift Aid details, all of their historic donations (up to 4 years old if made with the same payment card) will automatically be marked as eligible for Gift Aid and be available in your reporting.

A donor's details are associated with their payment card, so every time they donate with the same card the transaction is marked as Gift Aid eligible without asking for their details again.

You can view Gift Aid information on a dashboard and export as a report, for a specific calendar date period of your choosing. Exported reports are pre-formatted for HMRC (UK), being made available as a CSV document, which can be opened with any spreadsheet software or even a simple text editor.

Yes, Give A Little allows you to have multiple users. New users can be setup and invited by the account owner from the admin portal.

A new user will only appear listed in the Give A Little admin user list after their first login to Give A Little. This action prompts the system to verify by checking with SumUp they have authorisation for that merchant account. If yes then they are added to the user list.

A volunteer cannot edit your campaigns or access donor Gift Aid information, but can do everything else to setup and take donations.

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