Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Points of Donation

Create a do-it-yourself (DIY) point of donation and start collecting contactless donations today

If your charity is looking for an affordable way to get started with cashless giving, creating a DIY point of donation might be for you. You can easily make your own wall mounted, counter top or face to face point of donation by pairing the Give A Little Android app with a SumUp Air or Stripe WisePad 3 card reader. There are lots of easy and creative ways for charities to do this from using accessories such as lanyard holders and tablet stands to designing a branded backboard for a wall mounted donation station.

Creating your DIY donation station

A Give A Little account

Follow the sign up process to create your Give A Little account, connect your payment processor and create a campaign.

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Android Device

A smartphone or a tablet with:

  • Android 11 or later

  • Bluetooth 4.0

  • WiFi or 3/4G data connection

  • Auto updates turned off

  • Note that the SumUp retail ePOS app must not be installed on the device, as it has a tendency even when not open and running to interfere with the bluetooth connection to the reader causing donations to fail as a result.

Card reader

You will need a card reader from your payment processor to process your donations. Buy a SumUp reader with a discount by following the link below or get in touch if you're interested in using a Stripe WisePad 3:

SumUp reader

WisePad 3 - Get in touch

Give A Little App

You’ll need to download the app from Google Play Store to run your campaign. Open the app, log in and connect your reader

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A stable internet connection

Either via WIFI or via SIM card with data. This connection is very important as it’s what underpins the successful processing of your donations.

We recommend that you locate your donation station firstly to prioritise the internet connection, and of course if possible in a prominent, high footfall place where your donors will see it!

Signage and mounting options

In addition to an engaging fundraising campaign design, you can create attractive and eye-catching signage to be displayed with the donation station. There are all kinds of DIY solutions that can be used to achieve this, from printed advertising panels to stands for the Android device.

You will need to consider:

  • Access to the card reader to enable donors to make Chip + PIN donations where necessary 

  • Interference: Please note if you use a casing around your donation station, it could cause interference to your WiFi or data connection and cause the donation to fail. We recommend you carry out testing to mitigate this scenario.

Start fundraising with your DIY donation station!

You’re now ready to start collecting donations!

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