Stripe for Charities & Non-profits

Give A Little connects to Stripe for world class, innovative payment processing

The Give A Little and Stripe partnership provides charities with high quality, low cost, innovative ways to collect cashless donations via contactless, Chip + PIN, online and QR codes. 

We’ve launched a range of highly requested contactless features: offline donations, monthly recurring donations, and single amount Give & Go. Each of these features is designed to increase donation revenues.

We’re also excited to announce the market leading low transaction fee of 1.58% (UK) through an easy payment processing/ acquirer sign up with Stripe via Give A Little. This furthers Give A Little’s mission to drive down the cost of cashless donation technology. 

We’re making Tap on Phone available for trial. This allows you to collect contactless donations without the need for a separate card reader using just your Android smartphone.

And the new Stripe S700 handheld device is available to be trialled. It’s a portable contactless donation box with a fabulous 5.5" colour touchscreen. 

Please do get in touch at: if you wish to trial either of these.

Our ecosystem of device partners including CollecTin and Payaz support Stripe card readers. Contact us at to find out more

Or you can use our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach to create your own Give A Little point of donation just with an Android tablet or smartphone and a Stripe WisePad 3 card reader. To place orders for the WisePad 3 card reader please contact us at

Using Stripe with Give A Little

Seamlessly integrates with Give A Little

There is no limit to the number of card readers that can be connected with your Give A Little account

Offline donations

You can keep collecting when a fixed donation station/portable contactless donation box has no data coverage 

Recurring monthly donations

Easy sign up of donors to monthly recurring donations via fixed donation stations and portable contactless donation boxes

Give & Go

A donor can quickly tap to donate a default amount, there’s no need to select anything and the machine resets rapidly for the next donor. This is the fastest way to process a queue of donors. 

Tap on Phone

No card reader necessary to receive donations in person, just an Android smartphone (Android 10.0 and later ) - contact us at for more information

Stripe S700 Reader

A game changing handheld portable contactless donation box, which is also ideal for creating small size donation stations 

Affordable transaction fees

If you use Give A Little Stripe Express, the transaction fee for both online and contactless donations is 1.58% (in the UK).

If you integrate an existing Stripe account the fees are set by your Stripe agreement.

Maximum donation amounts accepted

Online/ QR codes: Donations accepted up to £999,999.99

Contactless: You can accept contactless and Chip + PIN donations of any value above £1.00 with no limit


Meets the highest security and PCI compliance standards

Payment methods accepted

Accepts all major payment types including Visa, American Express, Diners, Discover, or MasterCard and digital wallet (Google Pay and Apple Pay)

Compatible card readers

WisePad 3

  • Accepts all major payment types, whether by Chip + PIN or contactless 

  • 2.4" colour LCD (320 x 240) with backlight

  • Battery life: 15 hours (active use), 20 hours (standby), 2 hours time to charge

  • Requires an Android device running the Give A Little app

S700 Reader

  • Accepts all major payment types, whether by Chip + PIN or contactless 

  • 5.5" IPS LCD display with Gorilla glass, 1920 x 1080

  • Battery life: 15 hours (active use), 140 hours (standby), 2.5 hours time to charge

  • Offline donations 

  • Coming soon: accessories including case, charging dock and hub

A Give A Little Stripe account is required for fundraisers wishing to use a S700 Reader with their Give A Little account. Please note that Stripe charges a monthly fee per S700 Reader if a donation is made on the device during that month (if the device is inactive no fee will be taken).

Please contact

to place an order, or find out more.


If you have integrated Give A Little Stripe you can order the Stripe WisePad 3 card reader or the Stripe S700 Reader by contacting us by email here at


If you have your own existing Stripe account you can order it via your Stripe admin account.

Give A Little Give & Go is for in-person donations and is a feature of Give A Little app campaigns. It displays a single donation amount to the donor on the campaign screen while the card reader stays primed ready to accept a donation payment. In this way the donor can very quickly tap their payment card to donate the default amount without needing to interact with the screen. This is a very rapid way of dealing with queues and for locations where people are transiting through quickly, not wanting to stop for long to donate (Note: requires a Stripe WisePad 3 card reader)

Yes, offline donations are available with the Stripe WisePad 3 card reader and the Stripe S700 Reader. Contact us at

for more information

If you are in the UK we recommend you connect a new Stripe account via Give A Little to access the 1.58% transaction fee (UK) unless your existing Stripe agreement gives you lower Stripe fees, in which case we recommend that you connect your existing account. If outside of the UK, yes just connect your existing Stripe account (go to integrations in your Give A Little admin account).

Yes you can use both SumUp and Stripe. When logging into the Give A Little app, you will be asked which card reader you want to use and will need to choose this before you can login. For online donations and donations made via QR codes Stripe will always be the default processor over any other you have connected.

Payment cards and digital wallet payments (Apple Pay & Google Pay), are available with some variations and limits due to the payment processor you are using.

Stripe supported payment cards are listed

SumUp supported payment cards are listed

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