We strive to offer competitive, fair, and transparent pricing for charities of all sizes. We offer an entirely free Basic service through to Premium licensing for groups of thousands.


More features, higher quality products, and higher levels of service, with low prices


Focus on providing excellent value and quality of product, service, and support, for the price


We make all our costs clear, simple and consistent, and are happy to explain how they have been set

Start from £7.50 per month

Fees will reflect your fundraising goals via the amount raised with Give A Little.
Basic (Free)
Up to £1,000 over 12 months
Amount raised with Give A Little over 12 months
Monthly fee (excl. tax)*
Up to £7,500
£7,500 to £15,000
£15,000 to £25,000
£25,000 to £50,000
Over £50,000
Pricing can be adjusted for groups including discounts for members to central group licensing of Premium

* The monthly Give A Little fee does not include transaction fees which are levied by your connected payment processor. For SumUp see or Stripe see

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Basic (Free)
Online campaigns
In situ fixed devices
Portable roaming devices
All major payment methods
QR codes
Works with SumUp (payment card processing)
Works with Stripe (payment card processing)
Charity verification
GDPR compliant service
Multiple languages and currencies
Runs on Android devices
Charity groups with unlimited member accounts
Donations any amount over £1 (up to £100 contactless)
1 - 6 customisable amounts
Donor can set custom amount
Monthly recurring contactless donations*
Monthly recurring web donations
Unlimited devices
Unlimited campaigns
Offline donations*
Tap on Phone**
Customisable campaign screen
Customisable thank you screen
Multiple campaign templates
Gift Aid
Fast payments: Give & Go (a donor can quickly donate a default donation amount without needing to select anything)*
Fast payments: QuickMode (rapid reset between donations for donor queues)
Donor can select from a list of campaigns
In depth reporting
Central device management

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