Contactless Donation Boxes

Collect cashless donations on the move with versatile, portable contactless donation boxes

Contactless donation boxes are an essential  alternative to the traditional cash collection tin and ideal for fundraising on the move. These devices are perfectly suited to street collections, community events or fundraising galas and allow donors to donate in the way they want to whether that’s by using their contactless payment card or smartphone digital wallet. Contactless Donation Boxes with Give A Little software also give donors a feeling of trust and security when making a donation thanks to the professional look and feel with charity branding and messages. Empower your volunteers to collect contactless donations on the move thanks to the ability to invite as many volunteer users as needed in your Give A Little administration account.

Charities can also create their own DIY (Do-It-Yourself) contactless donation box by combining an Android device with a SumUp card reader. Read more on our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) page.

The Give A Little platform supports a growing ecosystem of partners including hardware providers and payment processors, to provide a cost effective and robust solution specifically for charities looking to collect contactless donations. 

PCI Compliance

We use PCI compliant partners SumUp and Stripe for payment processing hardware and software. These readers are certified for 'attended use' which importantly by default includes semi-attended use. Semi-attended is where the terminal is under direct merchant control on their premises, someone should be available to access the premises and tend the machine as and when necessary. It does not require someone to be present with the device.

Contactless Donation Box partners

CollecTin More

CollecTin® More is an attractively designed contactless donation box with an 8 inch colour touchscreen that can be used portably or as a fixed donation kiosk attached to a wall or surface with a secure mount that is sold separately. You can collect donations by contactless card, smartphone wallet or Chip + PIN and the CollecTin More can access the network through local WiFi or a SIM card for 4G connectivity. 

The contactless donation box comes with a removable rechargeable battery, a lanyard, a SumUp Air card reader and a charging cable. An unactivated SIM card is included, which you can choose to use if you wish. CollecTin More also includes a licensed copy of the Fully Kiosk App, which enables you to lockdown the CollecTin and prevent anyone changing settings or leaving the donation screen.

The fully featured Give A Little App comes pre-installed on the CollecTin More and equips charities with a whole host of powerful cashless fundraising tools. Read more on our Contactless Giving page

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Stripe S700 Reader

The Give A Little app is now available for the new Stripe S700 Reader, which is suitable for both handheld and countertop points of donation. The S700 has a 5.5 inch colour touchscreen, which with Give A Little’s donor facing software can be customised with the charity’s branding and call to action. It can also be set to collect Gift Aid declarations, send receipts, and collect marketing contact opt-ins. The S700 handles contactless, Chip + PIN, and digital wallet donations. It comes with an integrated lithium ion battery (with battery life of 15 hours of active use). Accessories are coming soon including a dock with secure lock for countertop use, a hub for ethernet and USB connections, and a case for additional protection. 

A Give A Little Stripe account is required for fundraisers wishing to use a S700 Reader with their Give A Little account. Please note that Stripe charges a monthly fee per S700 Reader if a donation is made on the device during that month (if the device is inactive no fee will be taken).

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