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Customise unlimited online fundraising campaigns to turbo boost your donations

Give A Little provides a quick and easy way to create online fundraising campaigns that are highly effective and scalable. Through your online account you can create and publish an online fundraising campaign for an event or appeal in a matter of minutes, and you can design beautiful, customised campaigns with images and/ or video. 

Useful features extend the donor journey with options such as giving recurring monthly donations, tax benefits (inc. UK Gift Aid), receipts, and marketing contact. 

Your online donations can also be tracked and monitored separately from contactless donations easily through your Give A Little account.

You can use your Give A Little online fundraising campaign as your main donation page or you can use it tactically to augment your own solution. For example you can create unlimited, customised campaigns for appeals and events such as an emergency appeal, or a  major donor event, which provides a powerful addition to your fundraising toolkit.

It’s easy to share your campaigns with QR codes .

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Benefits of Give A Little for online donations

When you start using Give A Little’s online fundraising campaigns, there are a whole host of benefits including:

Events and short campaigns

Compliment your existing online fundraising; if you have your own website setup to take donations, then Give A Little is a perfect way to handle ad hoc fundraising needs for events and short campaigns that otherwise can be difficult to organise 

Fast and low-cost

Rapid deployment of low cost campaigns; you can easily publish fundraising campaigns in minutes with no tech development, keeping your costs extremely low

Publish unlimited campaigns

No limits imposed on numbers of campaigns; you can create and publish an unlimited number of online fundraising campaigns that are available to both a local and international audience on the internet

Engaging custom campaign designs

High visual appeal for campaigns; you can customise each campaign with your own images, or video and audio, text and donation amount prompts on both the main fundraising screen and the final thank you screen

Your choice of payment processor

Give A Little does not restrict you to a single payment processor but gives you a choice of SumUp or Stripe so you can choose what works best for you

Stewardship benefits

Value-add through direct donor engagement; with the interactive donor journey you can ask donors to opt-in for features such as recurring donations, tax benefits (e.g. UK Gift Aid), email receipts, and marketing contact, and hence take them on an onward stewardship journey

Easy sharing and QR codes

Promote your fundraising campaigns easily; your campaigns need to be promoted well and it helps that you can easily share your campaigns from your admin account to social media channels and use the generated and downloadable QR codes

Custom integrations

Talk to us about integration options for more strategic uses such as your own fundraising widget on your website

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