Contactless donations

Optimise your fundraising revenues with contactless donations

We are all now living in a predominantly cashless society and charities need to adapt so they don’t get left behind. If your charity doesn’t have a great way to collect contactless donations, it’s time to move. Also donors tend to give more when they donate with their card so adopting cashless technology is a must to maximise your fundraising income. Contactless fundraising can be applied in a range of scenarios from installing a fixed donation station in your premises such as a church, museum or hospice, to taking a contactless donation box out for a street collection or to an event. Charities are also placing contactless technology with corporate partners creating an easy way to engage employees in fundraising.

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Give A Little® for contactless donations

Donation stations

You can purchase fixed donation stations/kiosks from a growing number of device manufacturers including CollecTin and Payaz. These partner companies use Give A Little software so the devices seamlessly work with the platform.

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Contactless Donation Boxes

You can purchase portable contactless donation boxes for street collections or events from growing number of device manufacturers. These partner companies use Give A Little software so the devices seamlessly work with the platform.

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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach

You can easily create a custom point of donation with our DIY approach . Simply combine an Android tablet or smartphone running the Give A Little app and a payment card reader to create your own donation station or portable device for street collections. 

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Tap on Phone

You can now enable volunteers and staff to use their own smartphones (later model Android) to collect contactless donations without the need for an additional card reader as a result of Give A Little’s new Tap on Phone service.

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Administration made easy

Give A Little makes it easy for charities to manage these points of donation through your own administration account. Donation stations and contactless donation boxes can be easily setup with appealing fundraising campaigns that create a strong call to action. You can create multiple and unlimited campaigns customised with images, and even video and audio. You can set donation prompts for up to 6 different amounts and also let the donor choose their own amount. And campaigns can be optimised for the donation context with quick mode for queues of donors, with options to display a full range of donor opt-ins for tax benefits (UK Gift Aid), receipts, and marketing contact.

Give A Little provides this along with powerful administration features to help you maximise revenues with detailed reporting, user management, and remote device management.

Benefits of Give A Little for contactless giving

When you get Give A Little’s contactless donations up and running the benefits more than speak for themselves, some of these are:

Higher average donation values

Donors tend to give more when they donate with their card; due to an optimised experience the average contactless donation value across more than 6,500 charities using Give A Little is


Quick and easy giving

Contactless giving is quick and easy for donors; this encourages spontaneous donations as the Give A Little interactive screen is attractive and clearly all about donating to a cause

Stewardship benefits

While cash donors are anonymous, charities can ask donors to opt-in for features such as tax benefits like

UK Gift Aid, email receipts, and marketing contact
, and hence take them on an onward stewardship journey

Test and hone your fundraising

Give A Little enables you to take a test and learn approach to maximise your donation revenues; you can very easily try out varying sets of donation amount options, different campaign visual designs including trying video and audio to attract attention, different message content, and run A-B testing on these if desired

Real time reporting

Charities have an account which offers many benefits such as being able to see how much their have raised in real time as fundraising happens

Multiple languages and currencies

Available in 42 countries and in multiple currencies and languages

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