Terms and Conditions

By downloading and installing the Give A Little App you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

In these terms and conditions, "we" or "us" means Give A Little.

Give A Little is a trading name of Caution Your Blast Ltd and is a service that provides charity verification and donation capabilities. We make and maintain the Give A Little service and its incorporated App.

We provide the Give A Little App for download and use solely by registered charities. Further the Give A Little App’s sole purpose is for charity fundraising.

When you download and install the Give A Little App you agree that you officially represent a registered charity. Further when you use the Give A Little App you agree to use it solely for its intended purpose.

Please note a Charity user must always be able to navigate to the Home screen and to Android device Settings, for example you must never use the Give A Little App with an Android device locked in kiosk mode. The App is not designed for this use and hence does not fully support this mode.

When you reproduce and use images of the Give A Little App for your marketing purposes you must clearly display an attribution in either of the following two forms, whichever suits your purpose best:

  1. Display of the Give A Little logo (for this and the associated display guidelines please contact [email protected])
  2. Display of the text sentence: "Give A Little App shown by agreement."

In addition to this when displayed on a website the logo or text should link to the Give A Little website at https://givealittle.co

If you suspect fraudulent use of the Give A Little App or service you agree to contact us as soon as possible using the email contact: [email protected]

We may suspend or end your account in some circumstances, for example if you breach these terms and conditions.