Take full control of your fundraising with our Premium account, offering customised campaigns, in depth reporting, remote device management, volunteer workforce management, and maximum UK revenues with 25% uplift via Gift Aid.

Flexible giving

Flexible giving

All major payment methods

Contactless, chip and pin, and Wallet Apps (e.g. Google Pay or Apple Pay).

Multiple channels and devices

Offer unlimited campaigns online and in situ with unlimited devices and points of donation.

QR codes and NFC tags

Help donors rapidly link, using their smartphone, to your online web campaigns for fully contactless giving.

Multiple campaigns

Use Give A Little to offer fundraising campaigns for different purposes and give donors access to a list of these to make their choice.

Clever partners

We partner with organisations that can bring you the best fundraising products in the form of kiosks and portable handheld units, offering high quality, value and service.

Recurring donations

Your donor can have the option to give either a single one-off amount or to choose to give an ongoing monthly donation.

Offline donations*

Offline donations now enable you to accept contactless donations where the device doesn’t have data connectivity (WiFI or mobile data). Donations are stored on the device when it goes offline and processed once connectivity is restored.

Tap on Phone**

You can now enable volunteers and staff to use their own smartphones or tablets (Android) to collect contactless donations without the need for an additional card reader.

Fully customisable donor experience

Fully customisable donor experience

Customisable campaign fundraising screen

Make your campaign stand out with custom colours, banners, text, images, video and thank you screen.

Customisable amounts

Choose up to 6 individual amounts for quick donations, accepting any amount over £1 (or the equivalent in your local currency e.g. €1).

Multiple languages & currencies

Give A Little is available in over 20 countries and counting.

Choose your own amount

Give your donor an option to set their own amount, with no payment limit (limits may be imposed by your agreed payment processor).

Donor options

Customise your campaigns with options that allow a campaign to be eligible for local tax schemes (e.g. UK Gift Aid), to offer marketing contact opt-in, and to let donors request receipts.

Set default amount for Give & Go*

Give & Go allows the the donor to quickly donate the default amount without needing to select anything on the screen. This is a very rapid way of dealing with queues and for locations where people are transiting through quickly, not wanting to stop for long to donate.

Remote updates

Remotely change campaigns that are displayed to donors on your distributed kiosk devices from your central account at any time.

Reports to help you track your fundraising

Reports to help you track your fundraising


Track campaign progress including specifics of each donation, channel used, Gift Aid eligibility, and regular monthly giving. Export data for sharing and incorporating into other reports and systems.


Track progress of individual volunteers using collection devices, either fixed or portable, to see the value and number of donations collected.

Gift Aid

View donations eligible for Gift Aid, review and audit donor declarations and history. Export data for compilation in HMRC claims.

Payout reporting

See the financial and campaign details of individual transactions that make up a lump sum bank payouts from across each of your payment processors to support reconciliation.

Group reporting

Group administration access to reporting on group members, and on both summary and detailed donation revenue reports between selected date ranges for all members of the group that have Premium accounts.

Secure and verified

Secure and verified

Charity verification

All charities verified by Give A Little giving assurance to donors their money is going to the right cause.

GDPR compliant service

We store a minimum of your data and make sure it’s kept safe.

Central device management

Including software updates, campaign changes and menu locking/unlocking.

Quality Management Certified

Ensuring optimum quality in our service.

Information Security Management Certified

Ensuring your information is kept secure.



Basic (Free)
Online campaigns
In situ fixed devices
Portable roaming devices
All major payment methods
QR codes
Works with SumUp (payment card processing)
Works with Stripe (payment card processing)
Charity verification
GDPR compliant service
Multiple languages and currencies
Runs on Android devices
Charity groups with unlimited member accounts
Donations any amount over £1 (up to £100 contactless)
1 - 6 customisable amounts
Donor can set custom amount
Monthly recurring contactless donations*
Monthly recurring web donations
Unlimited devices
Unlimited campaigns
Offline donations*
Tap on Phone**
Customisable campaign screen
Customisable thank you screen
Multiple campaign templates
Gift Aid
Fast payments: Give & Go (a donor can quickly donate a default donation amount without needing to select anything)*
Fast payments: QuickMode (rapid reset between donations for donor queues)
Donor can select from a list of campaigns
In depth reporting
Central device management

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