QR code donations

Use QR codes to instantly and cost-effectively convert your printed materials into a cashless donation opportunity

Enhance your fundraising by creating customised Web campaigns and sharing them via dedicated QR codes downloadable on Give A Little. Thanks to the ability to add your charity branding to your Web campaign, your donors will recognise and trust that they are donating to your cause.

QR codes are an ideal and affordable way for charities looking to amplify their online fundraising campaigns, they give you the power to share your beautifully branded campaigns on all of your printed materials - whether that be a leaflet, poster, order of service, traditional newsletter or even name badge! It turns that printed material into something interactive, an instant donation opportunity.

Generating and downloading a QR code is quick and simple with Give A Little. You can create unlimited online fundraising campaigns and customise them for an appeal or event. Give A Little provides comprehensive reports so you can track the success of your campaigns and you can use real time data to test and learn what works best, making changes as you go. Donors are able to donate quickly and easily using their digital wallet (Apple Pay/ Google Pay).

Where to use your QR codes to maximise donations

QR codes can be displayed on any printed materials, so turning something static into an interactive opportunity to donate.

  • Posters

  • Collection tins/buckets

  • Business cards 

  • Poppies/sweets/badges 

  • Clothing banks 

  • Vehicles

  • Direct mail

  • Charity shop windows

  • Name badges

  • Charity brochures and information packs

  • Menus at Gala events

  • Order of service

  • Corporate supporter offices

  • Signage

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To download a QR code, please first create a Web campaign in your Give A Little admin account. Once you have published your Web campaign, there is a share function available beside the campaign name. Click this and you will see the option to download your QR code. 

You can then use this QR code on printed materials such as posters, stickers and signage.

Payment cards and digital wallet payments (Apple Pay & Google Pay), are available with some variations and limits due to the payment processor you are using.

Stripe supported payment cards are listed

SumUp supported payment cards are listed

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