Empower your volunteers with Give A Little Tap on Phone

In 2023, 87% of UK adults own a smartphone! As well as making donations, your charity’s staff and volunteers can now use their Android smartphones to collect donations with our new Tap on Phone service.

Written by Emma Rose November 29, 2023

Give A Little Tap on Phone allows you to empower an unlimited number of volunteers to turn their Android smartphones into contactless donation devices, without the need for a card reader (


You can now  take donations securely and professionally directly into your bank account using a device that you, and your volunteers can carry in a pocket! 

is incredibly easy for volunteers to set up. When your volunteer receives your email invitation they first set a password, then follow a link to download the Give A Little Android app to their smartphone (via the PlayStore). The volunteer opens the Give A Little App and chooses the Tap on Phone option and logs in.

As with existing Give A Little functionality they will then see your fundraising campaign displayed, and they can change it to another if you have more than one available. Then they can start collecting contactless donations, and they can see how much they’ve raised each day too.

You can set up branded campaigns, even using specific details for the volunteer fundraising activities, that will appear on the volunteers’ smartphones. Like all Give A Little campaigns, they can also be amended (by your admin users) and any changes will appear immediately.

All funds go directly into your charity bank account and are tracked along with detailed reporting through your Give A Little account so you can see how much each of your volunteers has raised.

Lower Cost Fundraising
- Give A Little Tap on Phone leverages existing later model Android smartphones, volunteers and admin staff are able to use their suitable personal, or work Android phone eliminating the need to purchase or hire a payment card reader, driving down charity costs.  This also reduces expenses related to postage and physical event logistics as physical card reader devices do not need to be sent and returned. And the security around the money flow due to the Give A Little model provides strong assurance when dealing with a large workforce of volunteers.

Increased Donor Engagement
- Give A Little allows you to create unlimited fundraising campaigns to display on your staff and volunteer devices that can be customised with charity branding, images and/ or video, and compelling messages giving donors confidence and reassurance that your fundraising campaigns are genuine. You can also have multiple donation values and a ‘choose your own amount’ option. 

- volunteers can get involved across the country and collect contactless donations anywhere, anytime, allowing donors to make a donation with a simple tap on the back of their Android smartphone. Donors can use a payment card or their own digital wallets to donate. This convenience encourages spontaneous giving and reduces barriers to donating.

Broadened Donor Base
- Being able to use mobile phones as card readers means charities can reach a wider audience. National charities and those covering a larger geographical area can collect contactless donations on a much bigger scale at exponentially lower cost. This can expand the donor base and diversify the sources of funding, introducing contactless donations to areas where before there may have been none.

Real-Time Tracking
- Volunteers and staff using Give A Little Tap on Phone can view real-time tracking of how much has been collected on their device, or mobile phone. Charities can monitor the progress of their campaigns, assess the effectiveness of their messaging, and make data-driven changes as needed.

Donor Opt-in Data Collection
- Using Give A Little Tap on Phone also opens up the added benefit for charities of collecting valuable data and tracking such as Gift Aid declarations, marketing opt-ins in areas they may not have had this before. 

If your charity is interested in trialling our new Tap on Phone service, please contact the team at


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