Give A Little now open to corporates and other organisations raising charitable funds

The Give A Little platform is now open to a wider range of organisations who are raising cashless funds for charitable purposes.

Written by Vicky Hewlett December 9, 2022

Applications from the following organisations are now welcome and typically accepted, but will nevertheless be individually subject to independent approval by Give A Little:

  • Community Interest Companies (CICs) - a community interest company is a social enterprise designed to benefit the community rather than purely generating profits for shareholders and owners.

    , a food bank in Solihull, is an example of a CIC that is using Give A Little.

  • Community Amateur Sports Clubs -

    about CASCs and how Leamington Rugby Club is using Give A Little to raise funds for vital projects and to help it continue its engagement with the local community.

  • Companies that are not-for-profit - typically independent organisations whose purpose is something other than to make private profit for directors, members or shareholders

  • Local government bodies - typically borough councils who fundraise for community events etc.

  • Corporates - typically in support of one or more named charities where financial controls have been established for that purpose e.g. separate bank account.

    are using Give A Little to raise funds for CRUK through employee fundraising.

  • Associations - typically with constitutions detailing the charitable purpose and use of finances solely for said purpose

Upon account registration, organisations will be requested to provide evidence that they will be using Give A Little for a charitable purpose and this will be used to verify their account and audited from time to time. Give A Little is not however open to individuals raising funds for charity at this time.

If you would like to find out more about whether your organisation is eligible to use Give A Little for cashless fundraising, please contact us at


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