Five Ways to use Give A Little for Fundraising Campaigns, Events and Appeals

Whether you are doing in-person fundraising or encouraging your supporters to fundraise for you, Give A Little can help you maximise your donation revenues in the run up to and during events and campaigns such as Giving Tuesday or UK Charity Week.

Written by Vicky Hewlett October 31, 2022

Here are five ways you could use the platform:

1. Create bespoke App and Web campaigns 

Give A Little allows you to create unlimited fundraising campaigns and customise them with messages, images and/or video. Create an App and/ or Web campaign especially for your event or appeal and keep track of how much has been raised by logging onto your Give A Little account.

2. Use QR codes on printed materials and fundraising packs

Sharing your Web campaign with a QR code is incredibly quick and easy. Simply download your QR code from Give A Little’s admin account and add it to fundraising materials to provide easy access to your campaigns for donors.

3. Use Give A Little’s DIY approach for in-person fundraising

Our DIY approach is perfect for getting started with contactless giving for street collections and in-person donations affordably and quickly. Simply combine an Android tablet or smartphone and SumUp card reader with the Give A Little App and you are ready to start collecting!

4. Don’t miss out on Gift Aid and contact opt in!

It’s easy to enable Gift Aid and contact opt-in when creating a campaign on Give A Little. Don’t miss out on that extra 25% in donation revenue or the opportunity to collect contact information for marketing communications when planning your fundraising.

5. Empower your volunteers!

Give A Little allows you to create user accounts for your volunteers so they can log into the Give A Little App (either on an Android smartphone or tablet or on one of Give A Little’s

) and start fundraising.

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