Oxfam face-to-face team collects average donation value of £11.54 through Give A Little

Whilst encouraging donors to sign up for regular giving is often the main focus for charities when engaging with people face-to-face, it is also very important for them to have an option for supporters to give one-off gifts.

Written by Vicky Hewlett September 20, 2022

Oxfam’s face to face engagement teams have started to use the Give A Little platform, to collect contactless and Chip + PIN donations from donors who are not able to sign up to a regular gift on the day.

Charlotte Ash, Oxfam’s Regional Manager of Face-to-Face Engagement explains: “We try to prioritise long-term donations but sometimes people can’t afford it. The minimum age for people to commit to regular giving is 25 and they also need a UK bank account to set up a direct debit. Sometimes, we have a good conversation with someone and they want to sign up but they can’t afford it now or they would like to do more research before committing. Having the CollecTin and Give A Little means that we can come away with something and once someone has donated once, they are more likely to donate again and set up a regular donation in future.”

Laura Mitchell, Oxfam Scotland, Fundraiser, agrees: “The public react to the CollecTin and Give A Little really well. Give A Little allows us to customise our fundraising campaigns with multiple donation amounts and when people make contactless donations, they tend to give more, especially in comparison to bucket collections where you often get pennies. Offering one-off gifts via contactless adds an extra element for the team.

Literally in a day, one of the team can make the equivalent of a regular gift sign-up on Give A Little, based on the life of giving, which is pretty cool. It’s really easy to use too - once you’re set up, you can get going straight away. ”

Charlotte adds: “Being able to take one-off contactless donations is also really good for the morale of the team as they might not come away with the sign up but at least the donor gave £20. It’s also really useful that we can capture the donor’s details on Give A Little, which allows us to follow up with them afterwards.” 

Abigail Lester, Oxfam’s Digital Platform & Integration Manager adds: “The face-to-face teams were really happy with the donation amounts they raised through Give A Little at Westfield shopping centre in London and Glasgow. We created a branded fundraising campaign for our East Africa Hunger Crisis Appeal on Give A Little centrally and added three donation amounts - £30, £50 and £100. We also enabled Give A Little’s ‘choose your own amount’ option. We decided to go with higher donation values as people tend to give more as a result and the team was really pleased with the number of £30 amounts people gave. Overall, the team collected an average donation value of £11.54, which we were all very pleased with. It’s really useful to set up the campaigns centrally and then control the donation devices through Give A Little. The reports provided through the platform are really useful and the Give A Little team is great to work with - they have been on hand to answer any questions and are really keen to listen to what we need and make changes if possible.”

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