Why charities should use QR codes for fundraising

Welcome to the first installment of our digital fundraising tips series. Find out how easy it is to create a web campaign in just two minutes and share it via a QR code!

Written by Vicky Hewlett September 2, 2022

Using QR codes for fundraising is an incredibly useful tool for charities to adopt in tandem with other methods of collecting cashless donations.

In addition to helping charities collect contactless and Chip+PIN donations, the Give A Little platform also enables its users to create unlimited Web campaigns incredibly quickly at no extra cost. While not aimed at replacing a charity’s main website donation function, Give A Little Web campaigns are useful for quickly creating short-term or themed campaigns such as an emergency appeal or raising money for those affected by the Ukraine war. A QR code can be easily downloaded for each Web campaign created.

The Give A Little tech team has recently added a ‘share’ feature next to each Web campaign where charities can share their campaign in a number of ways:

  • copy the URL (the web address)

  • download a QR code (for printing on posters or other materials)

  • posting a link to Facebook, Twitter and/ or LinkedIn

 Watch our video to learn more:

What is a QR code?

 A QR code is essentially a URL (web link) and users can easily use their SmartPhone to scan the code with their camera to go straight to that web link rather than having to type in the address. 

Where should charities use QR codes?

QR codes are particularly useful for charities as they can be added to printed materials such as posters, direct mail and fundraising packs. They can also be added to a collection bucket or ID badge when fundraisers are out on street collections. Why not get some cool QR code badges printed for your volunteers?

Frictionless methods of donating

It’s essential to make the web donation process as frictionless as possible for donors. This really comes alive when allowing donors to donate via their digital wallet (Apple Pay/ Google Pay) because the 16 digit card number and expiry date etc., do not need to be entered manually. 

With digital wallet payments forecast to grow exponentially to 51.7% of payments by 2024 (source: WorldPay, 2021 Global Payments report ), this is a payment method that charities need to include in their armoury and why Give A Little offers this.

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