Boost your income with contactless monthly recurring donations

Wherever you have your donation station, portable device, or DIY point of donation you can now give donors the option to make either a one-off or a regular monthly donation. 

Written by Emma Rose February 2, 2024

Up until now, Give A Little®  have offered monthly recurring donations with online donations only. As part of our Stripe launch, we are thrilled to be able to extend this to contactless donations with a market leading 1.58% transaction fee*.

Using your donation station, portable contactless collection box, or

point of donation alongside Stripe’s Wisepad 3 Reader, you can now capture monthly donations as well as Gift Aid and marketing opt-ins with the donors’ card, or digital wallet. By using the Give A Little app, we’re putting the donor in control and making the set up super quick and easy. No form filling, no waiting, no minimum amount. No “I haven't got time” or “I don’t know my bank details", just a tap of a card and an email address are required.

This feature has been requested by charities of all sizes due to the many benefits of regular donations: a steady and predictable stream of income, reduced administrative costs, improved donor retention and increased lifetime value, reduced churn and better financial planning.  We look more into the benefits below;

  • Regular monthly donations give

    security and the ability to plan
    and budget with a source of reliable funds, helping you plan for the long term and make strategic decisions and investments based on the reliable income stream from monthly donors.

  • Recurring monthly donations don’t have the added time and cost of handling cash and they allow for a

    long term relationship
    - monthly donors tend to stay more engaged with charities and usually have a deeper connection to the cause. This also translates to an
    increased lifetime value
    : the cumulative value of a monthly donor over time can be significantly higher than that of a one-time donor. While a single donation might be larger, the recurring nature of monthly donations can lead to a higher overall contribution.

  • Charities often employ third party agencies to sign up regular donors on the street, in door to door campaigns and in face to face situations. This can be unsuitable for some potential donors as the process can be time consuming and complicated if they’re in a hurry, or on a schedule. “I don’t have time, sorry” is a much used response, similar to “I don’t have any cash, sorry” when out with collection buckets. Being able to set up contactless monthly donations resolves this. 

  • Offering contactless monthly donations provides donors with flexibility. Donors can choose an amount that fits their budget and set up automatic payments, making it

    convenient and easy
    to support your charity without the time taken to fill in lengthy forms. 

According to The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

, it’s very promising to read that the proportion of people who give to charity frequently (either weekly or monthly) has remained in line with recent years - 27% reported that they give to charity frequently in 2022 (3% weekly, 24% monthly), the same as in 2021.

In summary, contactless recurring monthly donations offer financial stability, reduced administrative burden, and improved donor retention. They align with changing donor preferences and provide a sustainable source of income that supports your work. 

So now, with

, wherever you have your donation station, portable device, or DIY point of donation you can give donors the option to make either a one-off or a regular monthly donation. 

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*1.58% transaction fee is currently available to UK charities only. Non UK charities can integrate a standard Stripe account.

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