Charities raise £20m in cashless donations through Give A Little

Give A Little today celebrates that the 6,000+ charities on the platform have raised £20m in contactless, Chip + PIN, and online donations, including QR codes.

Written by Vicky Hewlett July 3, 2023

This significant milestone has been achieved three times quicker than the previous milestone of £10m, which took three years to achieve and was celebrated in August 2022. It has taken charities just 11 months to double that milestone to £20m, which reflects the rapid growth in the nonprofit sector making the move to cashless fundraising with the platform. 

All charities and other nonprofit organisations now need technology for handling cashless donations as donors have largely moved away from cash. According to CAF’s 2021 UK Giving Report, just 7% of donors used cash in January 2021 and in their 2022 follow up report, they stated that cash giving remains far below its historical norms and that they expect the trend to continue.

Over 700,000
cashless donations were made through the Give A Little platform in 2022, which is an increase of
136% year on year
and shows how quickly adoption is growing.

Give A Little Co-Founder, Ben Stewart, says: “The Give A Little team is incredibly proud that its community of charities has now raised £20m through the platform. We set out to ensure charities and other nonprofit organisations, especially the smallest ones, would not be left behind by the acceleration towards a cashless society and it’s testament to the team’s dedication that we have built such a broad customer base in such a short time, and mainly through word of mouth.”

“It’s rewarding for the whole team to see charities on the platform doing so well, especially with

. This trend combined with the cost of living crisis means that charities really need to focus on diversifying their income streams and embrace cashless technologies across as many areas of fundraising as possible. This will allow people to easily donate in the way they want to, whether that’s with their digital wallet (Apple Pay/ Google Pay) or by using their contactless payment card.”

Sophie Marshall, Programme Manager, Giving Platforms at Cancer Research UK:
“We are proud to be part of the Give A Little community of charities and would like to thank our wonderful donors for contributing to the platform’s £20m milestone. Give A Little is a key part of our cashless fundraising strategy and expanding programme of cashless options. A growing number of departments at CRUK are now using the platform, including our committees as well as our face to face fundraising and corporate partnership teams. The Give A Little team is great to work with and we look forward to raising even more through the platform over the coming months.”

Hannah Eaton, Individual Giving Marketing Manager at ZSL:
"It's great that our supporters have played a part in Give A Little reaching its £20m donation milestone. We have seen our contactless donation revenues increase by 30% year on year through Give A Little and our visitors have responded really well to both the CollecTin contactless donation boxes and Give A Little software. We have just redesigned our donation point signage and are working with the Give A Little team to update the fundraising campaign design displayed on the CollecTin to match. We are looking forward to a busy summer and would encourage visitors to make a donation if they are able as the funds go towards our important conservation work to help protect wildlife."

Elspeth Dunn, Office Manager, Wetwheels South East C.I.C:
“We love the fact that as a small charity, we are just as important a part of the Give A Little community as the large ones. The Give A Little team has been very supportive and great to work with and it's fantastic that our donors have played a part in the platform reaching its £20m milestone.”

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