Liverpool Cathedral doubles contactless donation revenues during Eurovision

Liverpool Cathedral more than doubled its contactless donation revenues during EuroFestival, a two-week cultural festival, which took place in Liverpool in the lead-up to The Eurovision Song Contest, thanks to Give A Little and the Payaz GivingStation.

Written by Vicky Hewlett June 21, 2023

Liverpool Cathedral responded to a call for British Institutions to collaborate with Ukrainian artists for EuroFestival and commissioned a piece by Katya Buchatska. Filmed in real time, the installation,

, offering a window into the landscape of Ukraine serving as a reminder of the spirit and resilience of the Ukrainian people.

Katie Dyer, Fundraising Manager, Liverpool Cathedral explains why they wanted to use the EuroFestival as an opportunity to try out a different method of collecting contactless donations: “We knew we would have lots more visitors than normal, so we wanted to use this an opportunity to see if there was a better and more user-friendly way to ask for cashless donations. Donations are incredibly important to us as it costs £3.5 m a year to run the cathedral, the majority of that we generate ourselves. After carrying out some research, we chose the Payaz GivingStation, which uses Give A Little software, as we liked the design of the donation station and the features the software offers such as the ability for donors to opt-in to Gift Aid.”

Katie and her team set up two Payaz GivingStation donation stations at a reception area especially created for the EuroFestival, which was manned by staff who welcomed visitors and prompted a donation. 

“We didn’t have any idea how much we would raise and we were so pleased with the outcome. In 19 days, we raised more than double what we raised in the same month last year through contactless donations, which is absolutely amazing.”

Katie explained that the cathedral had previously been using another contactless donation device as well as a cash donation point, but that the Payaz GivingStation and Give A Little provided a much more eye-catching and clearer way for donors to give. “The GivingStation is really sleek and its ten inch screen allowed us to really make the most of the Give A Little campaign displayed on it. The Give A Little team kindly helped us design a moving image slideshow campaign with a compelling donation ask, and then provided the templates so we could easily experiment with different images.”

Katie also kept a close eye on the data provided by Give A Little so that she could adapt the campaigns and change the donation values based on the results she was seeing: “Give A Little is so easy to use and I love the fact that I can change the campaigns remotely from my computer. We started with displaying £5, £10, £15 and £20 on our campaign and when I reviewed the data from my Give A Little admin account, I saw that people were not using the £15 value so I removed that and added a £30 value and since then we’ve had a fair amount of £30 donations, which is amazing! Our volunteers found the Giving Station and Give A Little really easy to use and staff have really got behind it.” 

Now that EuroFestival is over, the team is continuing to use Give A Little and the Payaz donation station to collect contactless donations and are really pleased with the amount they are collecting. Katie continues: “We’ve now moved to our usual set up and we are continuing to see higher contactless donation revenues than we were before, which is fantastic.”

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