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Have you ever stood in the middle of a field, waving your phone around to get a signal? Even worse, have you ever done that as a charity with a contactless donation device? Or had to carry a heavy bucket full of coins around all day as you knew there’d be no reliable signal at your event? Those days are now gone with Give A Little contactless offline donations!

Written by Emma Rose February 21, 2024

Contactless donations can now be taken even when no signal is available, being stored on the device until you return to a place with connectivity at which point the donations will then be processed.

Give A Little now provides offline contactless donations, where donors can make contributions without the need for an internet connection. This widens the use of your donation stations and contactless devices to areas and scenarios where previously you may have faced challenges with connectivity.

The ability to collect offline donations using Give A Little and the Stripe WisePad 3 card reader is an extremely valuable addition to a charity's fundraising toolkit. This allows you to take a card payment in-person and store it on the Give A Little app until you obtain a data connection at which point the donation will be processed to your bank account (we recommend syncing your donations once a day).

In this way offline contactless donations can be a crucial addition to your fundraising toolkit  in many scenarios where previously there may have been no contactless alternative.

We take a look at some examples where offline contactless donations can be a perfect solution. 

Street Fundraising

Charities often have fundraisers or volunteers collecting donations in public spaces like supermarkets, events, or on the street. Using public WiFi from nearby businesses and shops isn’t always reliable and volunteers may not have the ability to tether to their mobile phones. 

Having contactless donation devices that can be used offline, allows donors to still contribute quickly and easily without the need for cash. 

Fundraising Events

At fundraising events, such as gala dinners, auctions, or sponsored events such as charity runs, attendees may wish to make additional contributions, and spectators encouraged by the atmosphere will often be spurred on to donate . Sometimes the internet connection can be overwhelmed at large events, or it may not be available at all. 

Using Give A Little and Stripe for offline contactless donations makes it convenient for attendees to make on-the-spot donations without needing to bring cash.

Rural or Remote Areas

In regions with limited or no internet connectivity, offline contactless donations mean that charities can still collect donations effectively. For example sponsored walks and mountain treks that can bring in a lot of people and opportunity for donations from both participants and spectators.

Churches and Places of Worship

Many religious institutions collect donations during services or events but the historical buildings and the lack of ‘mod cons’ like internet connection and limited phone signal when inside often limits their choices. 

Having offline contactless donation options can accommodate both regular attendees and visitors who may not carry cash.

Historical and Heritage buildings

Much like churches and places of worship, some venues just aren't equipped with sufficient, or sometimes any internet connection.

Contactless donation devices with offline functionality overcome this issue and allow organisations to collect contactless donations with a beautiful, branded donation journey.

Festivals and large scale public events 

We’ve all been at a festival or big sporting/music event where it’s been a challenge trying to get internet connection. For a charity, experiencing the same issue means losing crucial donations. 

Having a signal that drops constantly or intermittently isn’t a problem when you can collect donations offline during those down times. 

Attendees quite often won’t carry cash for security reasons so having reliable contactless options is key.

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