Give A Little® enhances its campaign reports

Organisations in the charity community using Give A Little are now able to drill down and learn more about their fundraising campaigns thanks to our updated and improved campaign reports.

Written by Vicky Hewlett December 6, 2023

Adopting our cashless fundraising technology allows you to access a wide range of data to test and hone your campaigns so you ultimately raise more. Whether it’s understanding which donation value is the most popular, the average donation value of a campaign, or whether it’s discovering when donors are most likely to donate, you can apply this learning to improve your campaigns and grow your income.

We already provided this data via our campaign reports, but our team here knew that we could improve the way the data is visualised and at the same time make lives easier for charity staff whose job it is to report on the success of their cashless fundraising strategy.

How did we do this?

The first step that our Give A Little team took (also thanks to support from colleagues at parent company, Caution Your Blast Ltd - big shout out in particular to UX designer Delaney and Full Stack Developer, Anthony) was to carry out user research with charities in the Give A Little community such as Cancer Research UK , Oxfam and War Child . The research covered areas such as how charities like to report to their colleagues and what kind of data they want to collect to inform future cashless fundraising activities. We discovered that our community of charities wanted to be able to search their campaigns and view the data in a particular time period. They also wanted to know which day of the week was most popular for making donations. Other requests included average donation values, the most popular donation amount and how many donations were Gift Aid’d.

Following synthesising insights from this user research we drafted design ideas to improve and enhance the way the data is presented. There are many ways data can be visualised so it can be a complex process to plan out the best way to do this. After a number of iterations, the UX was ready to be reviewed by the same charities who carried out the user research to make sure that what was implemented would be useful.

With user testing we were able to iterate the designs rapidly to settle on the solution, then our software engineer took over and implemented the changes with further rapid testing and design-build iterations.

Rosie Cennamo, Operations Manager - Giving Platforms, Cancer Research UK said: “It was fantastic to be asked to take part in the user research and testing. The Give A Little team is great to work with and we really appreciate them taking the time to listen to what we need and ultimately make changes that improve the way we work as well as our cashless fundraising.”

The result

The new report allows you to select a time period and then select the campaign you would like to drill down into. There are easy to read scorecard data points for: 

  • How much was raised this period

  • Average donation value

  • Number of donations

  • Number of unique donors

  • Value of Gift Aid eligible from declarations

There is also a line chart underneath the scorecards showing the amount raised over time and when donations peaked.

We would like to thank all the charities in our community who took part in our user research and testing phase as it has led to an enhanced campaign report that all charities using Give A Little will benefit from. 

Adam Dennis, Operations Executive from Cancer Research UK said: “Give A Little’s new campaign report has really improved both the way we report the success of our cashless fundraising to our colleagues and has also helped us learn quickly and easily how our average donation value and donation volume has increased over time, which is really great and motivating to see.“

What’s next?

We plan to continue the improvement and enhancement of our reports and other features provided by the Give A Little admin account. Watch this space for more exciting developments and do drop us a line at

if you’d like to be involved in any future testing!

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