Independent school gives Give A Little A* for cashless fundraising!

One of the country’s leading schools, St Peter’s School, York has turned to Give A Little to help bring in alternative income.

Written by Vicky Hewlett January 23, 2024

The co-education school has started to use Give A Little to collect cashless donations at a range of engagement activities including alumni and fundraising events.

Becky Nicholson, Development and Alumni Manager at St Peter’s School York explains:


When asked to look into contactless donations, I knew straight away that I wanted to use Give A Little. I knew Give A Little and the CollecTin contactless donation boxes from when I previously worked at the Church of England which has an annual licence with Give A Little. Both CollecTin and Give A Little had a really good reputation with the church so I was very positive about introducing the platform and the CollecTin to my colleagues and now I’ve done it, everyone says it’s great! We have even had a special plinth made for the CollecTin where we can also display our publications such as our giving review so potential donors can read more about what we do with our charitable donations.”

Becky has so far used the CollecTin contactless donation box, which uses Give A Little software at an alumni event and she is next planning on taking it to the school’s upcoming 24 hour football marathon. 

Becky adds: “We are asking our alumni and parents to donate to help us provide bursaries to enable students from a wide range of backgrounds to attend St Peter’s. Having a way to collect contactless donations rather than having to rely on our collection buckets is great as people are not carrying much cash any more. The reaction to the CollecTin has been really good so far. People find it really easy to use and the fact that it has a 3G Sim card means that we can use it across our over 40 acres of grounds. There is so much potential for using it and I’m looking forward to trying out some of Give A Little’s features such as Gift Aid and marketing opt-in. We are also planning on using QR codes on printed materials too.”

On why she would recommend Give A Little to other schools, Becky said: 

“I love the Give A Little software - it’s really easy to set up and use. We’ve been able to create branded campaigns and display them on the CollecTin, which makes the contactless donation box look smart and catches people’s eyes. I also really like the fact that we can create campaigns for different events so we can track and segment our income.”

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