Kingston Theatre Trust uses Give A Little’s DIY approach to collect cashless donations

Rose Theatre in Kingston, one of the largest non-commercial producing theatres in London, has started using Give A Little’s DIY approach to collect cashless donations.

Written by Vicky Hewlett February 13, 2024

Fundraising Adviser, Mark Chester, explains:

“People often don’t realise that

is a charity - it can be difficult to get across, especially when there are commercial theatres located quite close to us. We have set up two contactless donation points using Give A Little software along with a couple of Android tablets, which were kindly donated to us and stands that we bought on Amazon. One donation point is in the foyer and the other is in the bar. It’s great that Give A Little allows us to quickly and easily create eye-catching campaigns to display on the devices, which give visitors the option to donate £2, £5 or £10 (or choose their own amount).” 

“We have also been able to use our 7 ticket scanners, which are hand-held Android devices, with SumUp card readers and the Give A Little app to collect donations at the end of productions. Our ushers carry them around with the card readers on lanyards around their necks and it’s proven to be really successful. They lend themselves really well to the Give A Little software. We set those campaigns to a single amount of £10 but we’ve had some people take the time to choose their own amount and we’ve even had people donate £100! We had a Peter Pan production over Christmas and a member of the cast went on stage at the end to encourage donations, which worked very well. We managed to collect around £4k in contactless donations which was great - half of the proceeds went to Great Ormond Street Hospital and half went to the theatre.”

Mark and Fundraising Assistant, Kate Harland are now considering other ways to use Give A Little including creating web campaigns and downloading QR codes to add to print materials and the back of the seats in the auditorium. They are also planning on creating an engaging and fun thank you video as they think audiences will really enjoy that.

On what he likes about Give A Little, Mark adds: “Give A Little is so easy and quick to use. The ease with which you create the campaign or change the messaging is great - you go downstairs and can immediately see the changes you’ve made. It’s super impressive tech!”

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