GoodBox and Give A Little - a comparison guide for charities

GoodBox has been a respected player in the contactless donations market since its launch in 2016, fulfilling a much-needed role for many charities. Now that they have sadly gone into administration, we understand that many charities may be worried about finding an alternative.

Written by Vicky Hewlett December 16, 2022

We have put a handy guide together to show how Give A Little compares with GoodBox, to help charities looking for other ways to collect cashless donations.

About GoodBox

According to its website,

has helped over 2,000 charities, including the British Red Cross and the Natural History Museum, raise over £10m. There are over 6.5k devices across the UK and Ireland and 1.8 million donations have been made. GoodBox developed two devices, the GBX Core, which has a 5.5inch HD colour touch screen and the GBX Mini, a handheld device. Despite being in administration (
Jeremy Frost and Patrick Wadsted
of Frost Group Ltd were appointed as joint administrators on 28 June 2022), the company is
continuing to trade
with there being no disruption in the process of transferring donations to the charities. 

About Give A Little

Give A Little, which provides point-of-donation software and works with a range of

, launched in 2019 and has quickly grown to
help over 5,000 charities
collect cashless donations, including
Cancer Research UK
and the
Church of England

The team recently celebrated helping those charities raise £10m in donations and this figure is now at £13m and growing. The number of donations made through the platform is climbing fast and currently stands at over a million.

Why Choose Give A Little?

Give A Little aims to be

, high performing, and flexible way for charities to collect cashless donations

Charities can choose one or a combination of the following options below to get started with cashless giving:

1. Online Giving via Web/ QR Codes:

Create online campaigns easily from templates, adding custom video, images, donation amounts, and with valuable features like regular monthly giving and QR codes.

2. Contactless Giving - Donation stations & street collection devices:

Purchase portable, handheld devices or fixed donation stations/kiosks from a growing number of device manufacturers including CollecTin and Payaz. These partner companies use Give A Little software so the devices seamlessly work with the platform.

3. Contactless Giving - Do-it-yourself (DIY):

Combine an Android tablet or smartphone and the Give A Little App with a payment card reader to create your own donation station or portable device for street collections.

Comparison stats:

The following stats* show how many charities are using each platform, how much donation revenue has been raised and the number of donations taken.



Give A Little




Number of charities today

Over 2,500

Over 5,000

Number of donations taken

Over 1.8 million

Over 1 million

Donation value raised

Over £10 million

Over £13 million



Give A Little

Fundraising campaign design

GoodBox Tick

Changes to default campaign provided by GoodBox from £50


Self-customise campaigns for free

Donor choice of donation values

One donation value displayed. Donor can change amount by pressing an arrow

Up to six donation values displayed + optional choose your own amount 

Donor Gift Aid declarations


Currently unclear


Donor has a range of options

Donor contact GDPR opt-in



3rd party integrations




who claim GiftAid for the charity), + more options coming

Offline donations

GoodBox Tick


Remote device management



Separate Mobile App available to enable custom & DIY solutions



Fundraising via Web campaigns



QR codes



Administration account

GoodBox Tick

- Data, insights & metrics
- Add users


Admin account:
- Create, edit, publish & share campaigns
- Data, insights & metrics.

Reports include:
- Gift Aid
- Users
- Campaigns
- Pay outs

Invite users; roles:
- Admin & Volunteers

Central device management:
- change campaigns
- update software
- security lock.


- payment processors
- Gift Aid claims

Hardware choices


Give A Little

- GBX Core (fixed or portable)
- GBX Mini (handheld)

- CollecTin More (fixed or portable)
- Payaz Giving Station (fixed)
- DIY - Give A Little App + Android smartphone or tablet + SumUp Air card reader

Screen size

5.5 inch (GBX Core)

- 7 inch (CollecTin More).
- 10 inch Payaz Giving Station.
- DIY supports screen sizes from 3.5 inches

Battery life

Up to 4 hours (GBX Core)

Up to 6 hours (CollecTin More)

Security/ anti-theft

Kensington lock

Kensington lock CollecTin More can additionally be padlocked via its optional mount


WiFi & Cellular

WiFi & Cellular


Range from podiums to a Giving Plate designed for churches

CollecTin More has an optional mount for fixing to the wall/ countertop

Pricing (as Nov 22)


Give A Little

Device purchase price

From £375

- From £320 (device partners) 
- DIY from £100

Monthly fee

Monthly service fee  (min period 12 months) Starting at £17.50

Monthly fee. (no minimum period) Starting at £0.00 then tiers from £7.50


Monthly service fee tiered based on time period:
- 6 months - £60
- 12 months - £50
- 24 months - £35
- 36 months - £30

Negotiable (CollecTin More)

Transaction fees

2.5% +10p per donation

- 1.4% +20p per donation Stripe
- 1.69% SumUp
- 2.5% SumUp online

Client Testimonials:

You can read a range of testimonials from charities using Give A Little including

London Zoo
The Change Please Foundation
, by heading over to our
news section

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